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चीक बड़ाईक वेलफेयर सोसाइटी, दिल्‍ली

संगति सहमति प्रगति

(Registered No. 56950 of 2006)

Chik Baraik in Government Records and Indian Census

Chik-Baraik community was recorded as Indigenous tribe in the Census of India, 1931. In 1936, the status of this community was Backward and Tribe as per Thirteenth Schedule to the Government of India Provincial Legislative Assembly Order, 1936. In 1950 it was classified as Scheduled Tribe as per Constitutional (Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe) Order 1950 of the Govt. of India. In 1956, it was again classified as Scheduled Tribe through Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribe List Modification Order 1956 of the Govt. of India.

There were 29000 Chik Baraiks in 1911. The population was 29311 in 1961 in old Ranchi district (present Ranchi, Gumla, Simdega and Khunti) only. In 1981, the population of Chik Baraik in Bihar (including present Jharkhand) and West Bengal was 40339 and 12624 respectively. As per 2011 Census, the total Chik Baraik population is 77,674 in Jharkhand (54,163), West Bengal (21,376) and Bihar (2,135), where the community is recognized as Scheduled Tribes. A sizeable population is also in the states of Assam recognized as tea tribe, Odisha classified as SCs, OBCs and unclassified; and Andman and Nicobar Islands and Delhi as unclassified. Presently, some families are also settled in different parts of the country due to employment.