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Chik Baraik Welfare Society (CBWS), Delhi

चीक बड़ाईक वेलफेयर सोसाइटी, दिल्‍ली

संगति सहमति प्रगति

(Registered No. 56950 of 2006)

Issues and Activities

The Chik Baraik society is facing various types of issues and problems in different states. The biggest problem is getting caste certificate in Jharkhand, due to which the present generation is undergoing accute challenge in getting admission, scholarships, employment and other government benefits. In Odisha, the challenge is that a large number of Chik Baraik families are not getting the due constitutional benefits. The community has suffered due to its ruined occupation of weaving. Whosoever are continuing this occupation, they have formidable challenge of funds and markets. There are challenges in the spheres of poverty, health and education, employment and income generation. They have different kinds of other challenges as well. To resolve these problems, the community is struggling in various ways at various levels.